The Advantages of Prints on Demand


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1. Introduction

In the world of home decor, prints on demand have become increasingly popular. With the ability to customize artwork to match your personal style, prints on demand offer a unique and personalized touch to any space. Whether you’re looking for a stunning print of Barbara Cleary’s Amaryllis floral designs or a coloring canvas to unleash your creativity, prints on demand provide endless possibilities for enhancing your home decor.

2. The Advantages of Prints on Demand

When it comes to choosing artwork for your home, prints on demand offer several advantages that make them an attractive option. Let’s explore some of these benefits in detail.

Customization Options

Prints on demand allow you to customize your artwork in various ways. From choosing the size of the print to selecting the edge options, you have the freedom to tailor the artwork to your exact preferences. This level of customization ensures that the artwork seamlessly integrates into your home decor, creating a harmonious and personalized atmosphere.

High-Quality Materials

One of the key factors that set prints on demand apart is the use of high-quality materials. Responsibly sourced wood, such as FSC-certified wood, is used for the stretcher bars, ensuring a long-lasting and eco-friendly product. The canvas substrate is made of coated fabric, a blend of cotton and polyester, which provides durability and a weight of approximately 300-350gsm/110-130lb cover. This ensures that the print maintains its quality and beauty over time.

Hassle-Free Shipping

Prints on demand understand the importance of ensuring your artwork arrives in pristine condition. To achieve this, they utilize protective packaging and sturdy boxes to prevent any damage during transportation. Whether you’re ordering from the United States, Canada, or anywhere else in the world, prints on demand take the necessary precautions to ensure your artwork reaches you safely and securely.

3. A Closer Look at Amaryllis Floral Designs

One prominent example of the captivating artwork available through prints on demand is Barbara Cleary’s Amaryllis floral designs. Barbara Cleary’s oil painting, “Amaryllis 2”, is transformed into a canvas print that brings out the natural look and feel of the image. The canvas texture enhances the overall experience, immersing you in the beauty of the artwork.

Barbara Cleary’s Artwork

Barbara Cleary is a renowned artist known for her exquisite floral designs. Her attention to detail and skillful use of colors create captivating pieces that breathe life into any space. The Amaryllis floral designs capture the timeless beauty of nature, adding a touch of elegance and serenity to your home decor.

Immersive Art Experience

The canvas print of Barbara Cleary’s Amaryllis floral designs takes the art experience to a whole new level. With a slim canvas and hanging hardware included, installing and displaying the artwork becomes effortless. The approximately 2cm/0.8″ thick wood stretcher bar ensures stability and adds a contemporary touch to the overall aesthetic. The immersive experience created by the canvas texture allows you to truly appreciate the intricate details of the artwork.

4. The Canvas Printing Process

To understand the quality and craftsmanship behind prints on demand, let’s delve into the canvas printing process.

Responsibly Sourced Wood for Stretcher Bars

Prints on demand prioritize sustainability by using responsibly sourced wood for their stretcher bars. The wood is mainly FSC certified, ensuring that it comes from well-managed forests. This commitment to sustainability not only ensures a long-lasting product but also contributes to the preservation of our environment.

Slim Canvas with Hanging Hardware Included

The canvas prints are designed with a slim profile, approximately 2cm/0.8″ thick wood stretcher bar. This sleek design allows the artwork to seamlessly blend into your home decor, creating a polished and sophisticated look. Additionally, hanging hardware is included, making the installation process quick and hassle-free.

Coated Fabric for Durable Substrate

Prints on demand use coated fabric for their canvas substrate, providing a weight of approximately 300-350gsm/110-130lb cover and a thickness of 350-400 microns. This combination of cotton and polyester creates a sturdy and durable product that can withstand the test of time. The coated fabric also enhances the vibrancy of the colors, ensuring that the artwork remains vibrant and captivating.

Colored Edge Options

While colored edges are not supported, prints on demand assure you that their canvas prints are beautiful and high-quality products that will breathe life into any space. However, there are other edge options available, such as image blur wrap, black edge, or white edge, allowing you to customize the final look of your artwork.

5. Careful Packaging and Shipping

Prints on demand understand the importance of ensuring your artwork arrives in perfect condition. To achieve this, they take great care in packaging your canvas print. Protective packaging and strong boxes are utilized to minimize the risk of damage during transportation. Rest assured that your artwork will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Protective Packaging for Safe Transportation

To protect your canvas print, prints on-demand use specially designed packaging that guards against any potential damage. This ensures that your artwork arrives in the same pristine condition as when it left the printing facility. The packaging is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of transportation, providing peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Global Size Variations

Sizes may vary slightly depending on your region. For customers in the United States and Canada, measurements are in inches, while for the rest of the world, measurements are in centimeters. This variation ensures that the canvas prints are tailored to meet the specific demands of each market, providing you with the perfect fit for your home decor.

6. Convenient Printing and Shipping on Demand

Prints on demand offer the convenience of printing and shipping on demand. This means that there are no minimum order requirements, allowing you to order a single canvas print or multiple prints to create a stunning gallery wall. The flexibility of on-demand printing ensures that you can curate your home decor with ease.

No Minimums Required

Whether you’re looking to decorate a small nook in your home or revamp an entire room, prints on demand cater to your needs. There are no minimum order requirements, allowing you to personalize your space without any limitations. This flexibility ensures that you have the freedom to create a home that truly reflects your style and personality.

Artwork by Barbara Cleary

When you choose prints on demand, you have the opportunity to adorn your walls with beautiful artwork by Barbara Cleary. Her Amaryllis floral designs and other captivating pieces are brought to life through the canvas printing process. Each print showcases Barbara Cleary’s talent and adds a touch of sophistication to your home decor.

7. Enhancements for Your Canvas Print

In addition to the standard features, prints on demand offer enhancements that elevate the quality and aesthetic of your canvas print.

Thick Gallery Wrap Included

Unlike other companies that charge extra for a thick gallery wrap, prints on demand include a 1.25″ inch thick wrap as standard. This thicker wrap adds depth and dimension to the artwork, creating a visually striking display. The thick gallery wrap ensures that your canvas print stands out and becomes a focal point in any room.

Sealed Dust Cover Back

To protect your walls from scratches and to keep out dust, prints on demand include a sealed dust cover back with their canvas prints. This added layer of protection ensures that your artwork remains in pristine condition, allowing you to enjoy it for years to come. The sealed dust cover back also adds a professional and finished look to the back of the canvas print.

Customizable Edge Options

Prints on demand provide the option to customize the edges of your canvas print. Whether you prefer an image blur wrap for a seamless and continuous look or a black or white edge for a contrasting border, you have the freedom to choose the edge option that best suits your style and home decor. This customization adds a personal touch and allows you to create a truly unique and eye-catching display.

8. Coloring Canvases: A Unique Artistic Experience

Aside from the traditional canvas prints, prints on demand offer a unique artistic experience with their coloring canvases. These canvases provide an opportunity to relieve stress and create art for your walls.

Relieve Stress with Coloring Canvas

Coloring canvases offer a therapeutic and relaxing activity that allows you to unwind and express your creativity. Coloring has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, providing a calming effect on the mind and body. With a coloring canvas, you can engage in this soothing activity while creating a stunning piece of art for your walls.

High-Quality Canvas and Sturdy Frame

Prints on demand ensure that their coloring canvases are made with the same high-quality materials as their traditional canvas prints. The canvas is of superior quality, providing a comfortable surface for coloring. It is mounted to a sturdy solid frame, ensuring stability and durability. This combination of high-quality canvas and sturdy frame allows you to color with ease and confidence.

Ready-to-Color White Canvas with Black Ink

Coloring canvases are delivered to your door ready to color. The canvas is printed on white canvas with black ink, creating a blank canvas for your creativity to flourish. The black ink provides clear outlines and guides, ensuring that your colors pop and your artwork come to life. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant colors or a more subtle and muted palette, the coloring canvas allows you to bring your vision to reality.

Hanging Hardware Included

Once you have finished coloring your masterpiece, prints on demand make it easy to display your artwork. The coloring canvas comes with hanging hardware included, allowing you to easily hang it on your wall. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that you can showcase your creativity and receive compliments on your artwork.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

To address any questions or concerns you may have, let’s explore some frequently asked questions about prints on demand and coloring canvases.

Coloring Canvas FAQs

  1. What markers should I use for coloring canvases?
    • Prints on Demand recommends BIC® Mark-It® Permanent Markers for their coloring canvases. These markers provide vibrant colors and a smooth coloring experience.
  2. Are the coloring canvases suitable for all ages?
    • Yes, coloring canvases can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you’re a child or an adult, the coloring canvas offers a fun and artistic activity.
  3. Can I frame my completed coloring canvas?
    • Absolutely! Once you have finished coloring your canvas, you can frame it to protect and showcase your artwork. Simply choose a frame that complements your style and preferences.

Recommended Markers for Coloring Canvas

Prints on demand recommend using BIC® Mark-It® Permanent Markers for their coloring canvases. These markers provide vibrant and long-lasting colors, ensuring that your artwork remains vivid and captivating. The smooth flow of ink allows for precise coloring and minimal bleeding, resulting in a professional-looking finished piece.

10. Conclusion

Prints on demand offer a convenient and customizable way to enhance your home decor with stunning artwork. Whether you choose a canvas print of Barbara Cleary’s Amaryllis floral designs or a coloring canvas to unleash your creativity, prints on demand provide high-quality materials, hassle-free shipping, and a wide range of customization options. With prints on demand, you can transform your space into a reflection of your unique style and artistic expression. So why wait? Explore the world of prints on demand and elevate your home decor today.

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