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KSnipe Software Submitter Economical–Half-Yearly Subscription


KSnipe Software Submitter Economical–Half-Yearly Subscription

Ksnipe Software Submitter is a top batch software submission tool to increase software downloads and boost sales. It can register,login and submit software PAD files automacitcally to all the download sites. All you need to do is to click one button and leave it alone. It takes less time than making a cup of coffee.
Free your hands now and enjoy the magically automatic life.

Why Choose Ksnipe Software Submitter?

Automatic Batch Submissions
Ksnipe Software Submitter completely supports automated submissions. Just need to click one button and go have your coffee while it can submit your software to thousands of download sites. The highlight is that you can set several softwares, it will submit all the softwares one by one.

Automatic Results Tracking and Follow-up
Ksnipe Software Submitter contains a batch download site search system. It can automatically search download sites for your product lists, extract version and other information from lists and produce comprehensive reports.

FTP Client
Batch modify the PAD files in the standard form and provide the FTP client program to facilitate the upload the newest PAD files to your own server.

Automatic Record
Help you manage both the accounts and passwords of download sites if needed. And automatically record submit information for your convenience.

Automatic Inupt Captha Code
Two choices: provide Captcha Provider which can solve captchas automatically with the accuracy rate reaching as high as 99% or you can choose to type it yourself .

Automatic Traffic Flow
Make your software ranking up in download sites by sending traffic . No need to worry about the risk of sending traffic with automatically changeable proxies.

Automatic Update Download Site
We will regularly update the database of download sites to enlarge the number of download sites and improve the rate of successful submission. This ensures that you always have the latest build of Ksnipe software submitter.


Price: USD 49.97



Platforms: Windows 2000/Windows 7/Windows 9x/Windows NT/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008

Category: Internet / Tools & Utilities

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